A man puts his arms up between another man and an unseen person. A sign language interpreter interprets their speech.
Chair Bryan Ferguson tries to assuage Commissioner At-Large Jim Holley.

Detroit Board of Police Commissioners meeting, Oct. 6, 2022 

Commissioners discussed the police killing of Porter Burks with Police Chief James White. He blamed the lack mental health services, while some commissioners called for changes in police responses to crisis incidents. 

“The blood of Porter Burks is on the hand of each and every one of you commissioners.”
— Eric Blount, minister at Sacred Heart Church, commenting on the police shooting.

The board decided to allow Victoria Shah, a resident and community organizer, to give a presentation to the board in January. Commissioners disagreed over the months-long wait to hear Shah’s presentation and the length of time she would get to present. 

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The meeting was live-blogged on Mastodon and Twitter for Detroit Documenters, which offers its own report.

Documents available on Documenters.org, including the meeting agenda and more documentation by Paige Rollins.

The previous meeting on Sept. 29 was documented by Dan Ignacio and Paige Rollins. The next meeting on Oct. 13 was documented by Alex Klaus.

Visit the agency’s website for official information.


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The actual start of the meeting (3:01 p.m.) can be heard 31 minutes into the recording. 


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