Commissioner Lisa Carter (darker skin, grey sweater, black shirt) looking at pages of paper. Next to her is Commissioners Willie Bell (darker skin, bald head, mustache, black suit jacket, black tie, white dress shirt), Willie Burton (darker skin, black hair, white shirt, black lanyard) and Jesus Hernandez (lighter skin, black hair, grey hoodie).
Commissioner Willie Burton argued to postpone voting on the Detroit Police Department’s budget for fiscal year 2024.

Detroit Board of Police Commissioners meeting, Feb. 23, 2023 

The board approved the Detroit Police Department’s (DPD) proposed budget for fiscal year 2024. The budget will need to be approved by Detroit City Council to be adopted. Police Commissioner Willie Burton was the lone “no” vote — he wanted to postpone the decision. 

“This is the place where we talk about the things that aren’t right in the police department, not the nice, shiny stuff. That’s your job — appointed or elected.”
— A public commenter criticizing the board for not focusing on police oversight. 

Commissioners also approved sending offer letters to the board’s chosen hiring candidates for board secretary, Victoria Shah, and chief investigator, Jerome Warfield Sr. Burton, the only commissioner who voted “no,” argued that the salary being offered to Warfield should be higher. 

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The meeting was live-blogged on Mastodon and Twitter for Detroit Documenters, which offers its own report.

Documents available on, including the meeting agenda.

The agency’s last meeting on Feb. 16 was documented by Aaron Sepulveda and Alex Klaus. The next meeting on March 2 was documented by Alex Klaus.

Visit the agency’s website for official information.


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The actual start of the meeting (3 p.m.) can be heard 30 minutes into the recording. 



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