Black man speaking into microphone on blue table with many pieces of paper and a nameplate that says, “Bryan Ferguson. Commissioner.” He is wearing glasses and a suit. He is sitting to the right of a Black woman wearing red glasses and red attire.
Bryan Ferguson reflecting on his time as the chair of the Board of Police Commissioners. His term ends June 18.

Detroit Board of Police Commissioners Community Meeting, May 11, 2023

A summary of this meeting will be added soon.

“We have given our police too much money and too much control, and if we want to cure our city of crime, we’ve got to look elsewhere.”
— Yvonne Jones of the Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency speaking against a proposed $5 million expansion of the Detroit Police Department’s license plate recognition system.

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The meeting was live-blogged on Mastodon and Twitter for Detroit Documenters, which offers its own report.

Documents available on, including the meeting agenda.

The agency’s last meeting on May 4 was documented by Amelia Benavides-Colón and Damien Benson. The next meeting on May 18 was documented by Alex Klaus and Zak K.

Visit the agency’s website for official information.


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The actual start of the meeting (6:30 p.m.) can be heard at the start of the recording. This recording has not been altered.


Screenshots of online meeting.


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