Screenshot of online meeting showing 16 DDOT staffmembers, all smiling.
Executive Transit Director Mikel Oglesby closes out the meeting.

DDOT Virtual Community Input meeting, October 2022 

Many transit users and advocates wondered why seating and shelters are “disappearing” from certain bus stops, and why DDOT isn’t replacing them. Several bus riders said they were stuck in gridlock during the Detroit Free Press Marathon. 

Some advocates were skeptical in private paratransit operators People’s Express and Transdev. The city may soon renew a contract with Transdev, which operates the MetroLift service, and Executive Transit Director Mikel Oglesby expressed confidence in the proposed contract. 

“I’ve been back in Detroit for 15 years. And every year that marathon has caused me problems.” 
— Sheila, speaking about service disruptions during the annual Free Press Marathon. 

More generally, several riders complained of poor customer service. Oglesby promised new standards in how DDOT trains staff in customer service. 

Oglesby teased that the agency will soon be “doing something” at the State Fair Transit Center. He reported that construction of the new transit center is on time. 

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The meeting was live-blogged on Mastodon and Twitter for Detroit Documenters, which offers its own report.

Documents available on, including the meeting agenda and more documentation by Colleen Cirocco. Conrail Twitty also live-blogged this meeting. 

The agency’s last meeting on Sept. 15 was documented by Claire Nowak-Boyd. No documentation could be found for its next meeting on Oct. 27. The next documented meeting on Nov. 17 was documented by Claire Nowak-Boyd

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The actual start of the meeting (5:05 p.m.) can be heard five minutes into the recording. 


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